Going live with your new Wine list


The more we know about you and your business the better placed we are to put together a wine list that works for you. The key areas we discuss are as follows:

  • Your target market
  • Your food menu
  • Food/wine pairing
  • Training needs for your staff
  • Your required profit margins
  • Wine list design ideas

Once we get to know what your business is aiming at we can then formulate a specific plan for wine within the mix of your total enterprise.


We put together a fully costed and balanced proposal. Detailing the wines, pricing and retail selling prices for each wine. The wine list has to both satisfy and attract the target market and Every proposal has a support plan to help your business. This may include the following

  • Wine List design and Print
  • Wine “buy back” on revisions of new wine lists
  • Training required for the Launch of the new wine list
  • Ongoing training throughout the year
  • Merchandising and dispense methods


Once the spine of the wine list is agreed, we are happy for you to sample all the by the glass offerings.
You will discover our passion for working with small wineries with exceptional wines.


With the wines agreed, we complete the formalities and administration.
Wine lists are designed and prepared for proof reading, prior to print.

Our terms and prices are fixed for 12 months from the start date of your wine list. This means that irrespective of market fluctuations, your wine lists delivers the margins agreed at the outset. Your customers can also be happy as prices only need to change once per year.


Going live with your wine list

First delivery is organised from our fully stocked depot in Poole, Dorset.
We organise an initial training session to enable customer facing staff to familiarise themselves with the new wines.
New Wine lists are delivered. Chalkboards and Managers Special wine lists prepared to use up any stock of outgoing wines.
Future “buzz” training sessions and wine review arranged