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At Templar Wines as part of our green values we recycle all paper and cardboard packaging. All invoicing, unless requested, is electronically sent not to save our print costs, but primarily to save the postage delivery foot print.

Our mail order wine boxes are made from 70% Recycled paper and are themselves 100% recyclable.

All bottles used in tastings are 100% recycled

Sourcing Wine

We try to source as many wines as possible in bulk from the EU and are constantly working with our hauliers to minimize the physical movement of wine. 95% of the volume of our wine bought from the Old World (EU) is taken directly from winery to Templar Wines. We use bonded facilities which require whole pallet movement, again to reduce the amount of individual wine movements.

It is always a balancing act between being green and not compromising on core values regarding quality of wine, especially when it comes to deep water shipping. Essentially wine is best harvested, produced and bottled at the winery, where production and quality can be strictly monitored. The down side to this is that wine then has to be palletised and transported and shipped which is not the most efficient means of transport

Bulk transporting in flexi-tanks and bottling in the UK, is greener providing the bottles and closures are also produced and sourced from the UK. There can a drop off in quality, in our opinion, which sometimes means those wines do not pass our quality tests. We are pleased that our South African Cawston Crossing wines, Californian Compass Point White Zinfandel, the Australian The Landings, Red Rock, New Zealand Honu, Cloud Factory and Southern Lights, Chilean Poetus ranges are all exceptional quality and are bottled in the UK.


We batch our orders for delivery, to reduce to an absolute minimum the time our vehicles are burning fuel. This occasionally means a 72 hour lead time for deliveries, however over 96% of orders are delivered either next day, same day or within 48 hours.

Organic Wines

More and more we are sourcing organically grown wines made using sustainable wine producing methods. The Vrignaud Chablis, Domaine Tholomies, Sepp, Real Rubio Rioja and Adobe ranges have all been added in the last 12 months. Wines such as L’Auratae Nero D’Avola and Pinot Grigio from Italy, Santa Tresa Frappato and Gillo Viognier from Vittoria in Sicily, along with our first Organic Sulphite free wine Terra Sana all arrived in August 2015. Watch this space as we are determined to add more Organic and Biodynamic wines in the coming year. .