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Mionetto Prestige collection Prosecco treviso (Single Serve)

Mionetto Brut Prestige is a spumante Prosecco from DOC Treviso.Dry, crisp and whistle clean, it is a delicious aperitif, and has a distinct green apple crunch to it

Prosecco Botter Spumante DOC (Single Serve)

Straw shade of yellow reflecting springs rays of sunshine and the flavour is harmoniously balanced with delicate fruity notes, a low acidity and a moderate alcohol content.

Wildwood White Zinfandel (Single Serve)

Zinfandel Rose is among one of the most loved blush wines of America. It is a crisp, floral, offering lots of bright fruit and layers of flavour. Ripe watermelon, strawberry and cherry is experienced on the palate. The balance of its floral character, sweetness and crisp acidity makes this a perfect aperitif or can be paired with light appetizers