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We group these three types of outlet together because of the Food menu similarity and the mix of drinks are similar. The food offerings in Traditional pubs, Sports clubs and bars tend to be more conventional than the Gastro/ restaurant sector. The food orders are usually captured, not with table service, but at the bar or a food counter. This still requires wines to be easily accessible both at the point of order, the bar and the dining tables.

The drinks/ food ratio tends to be more biased towards drinks. The drinks mix having a higher percentage of either soft drinks and/or Long Alcohol Drinks (LADs) namely beer and cider.

Wine sales tend to be under 10% of total wet sales in these bars. For this reason the wine offering needs to be good quality, simple and varietal led and not too pricey.

Because of the competition for Fridge space with soft drinks and bottled lagers care must be taken with the number of white wines on offer.

Wine lists tend to contain six to fifteen reasonably priced wines that can be happily consumed with or without food.

Wine In Front Of Fire
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Wine In Bar

If your Gastro pub or wine bar has separate eating area where the pace is slower and more relaxed akin to the Restaurant sector, the wine list can be extended and be more expressive.

The point is that at Templar Wines we understand the market. We will make wine recommendations and pricing to capture not just wine trade, but with an eye to attracting high spending food custom, generating more income for your business.

With every wine costed with a Gross profit and cash margin appraisal to ensure you make your required profit levels.

A full wine menu management service is offered. We agree your wine list. Design and print the menus for you. We take the trouble to describe the wines to suit your business. The wine bar is no place for the flamboyant or longwinded description. It’s no description or short or witty. Time is money in this category! we’ll come up with something original and appealing to help sell the wines to your consumers.

Full wine training is available for your staff to ensure they are confident with the wine list and have the ability to recommend wines and upsell the list.

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