With a range of over 600 wines to choose from

Restaurants can satisfy even the most demanding customers with great wines. Whether it is a glass of House red, which we view as a “Teaser” to the quality of the rest of your wine list or fine Bordeaux and Burgundy, we strive to have a wine to suit everyone.

We take the trouble to discuss your business, your target market, your food proposition and your staff knowledge to ensure we recommend the right wines. This way we can create a wine list with appropriate depth to both appeal to your target diners and compliment your food style.

The business end is taken care of by us. With every wine costed with a Gross profit and cash margin appraisal to ensure you make your required profit levels.

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Red wine and steak

A full wine menu management service is offered. We agree your wine list. Design and print the menus for you. The list will have a balance portfolio of wines to include the right balance of “Must Stock” and interesting, and aspirational wines. One of the key aims is that all wines on the list should sell to avoid dead stock. We take the trouble to describe the wines to suit your business.

Whether that is no description, three or four word description, Standard description, witty or flamboyant, we’ll come up with something original and appealing to help sell the wines to your consumers.

Full wine training is available for your staff to ensure they are confident with the wine list and have the ability to recommend wines and upsell the list.

Our Testimonials

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As a modern Italian restaurant, based in the heart of Wareham, the challenge we were set was to create a wine list that balanced a selection of both classic and modern Italian wines with a sprinkling of Internationally popular varietals. We had assumed with this requirement that we would have to go to a London-based specialist or a national wholesaler but were delighted to find a solution on our doorstep here in Dorset.

Templar Wines impressed us from the start with their knowledge, depth of range, grasp of margin requirements and understanding of the importance of staff knowledge. Their responsive delivery service is fantastic, their wine list design first rate and their support has included co-hosting events that we sponsor such as Purbeck Arts Week.

We continue to enjoy the great relationship we have with them as our sole wine supplier.

Istvan Kohazi General Manager - The Italian Kitchen, Wareham

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Our ethos at Halls Kitchen is to work wherever possible with local specialist suppliers. Templar Wines have proved a great match for us through a combination of personalised service, flexibility, knowledge and range.

We have the consistent supply of our core wine list but can also draw on their wider range to offer more premium specialist wines to match to our changing seasonal menu.

They are very focused on ensuring our margin requirements are met, the range compliments our menu and the front-of-house team have confidence in what they are selling.

Overall, a great bunch of people to work with.

Jason Hall Chef Proprietor - Halls Kitchen, Weymouth

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