Try some of these wines to spice up your wine list and reach out to attract new discerning wine clients

Chateau Chalon Dom. Durand, Jura, France


This wine won Gold at The Sommelier Wine awards in 2014. This is what they said “Ripe and concentrated. The oxidative style wowed the judges with its distinctive elegance. ‘Notes of blue cheese, chestnuts, almond and honey on the mouth,’ said Stefano Marro of Caravaggio Restaurant. ‘Dry and lean, with really pure, flinty, oxidative notes and a very fresh finish,’ said Matthieu Longuere MS of Le Cordon Bleu. The wine comes in a 62.5ml Clavelin bottle. This is because during the oxidation process 20% of the wine evaporates as the “Angels Share”, so the wine makers are permitted to sell it in a bottle 20% smaller. Wine menu RSP £35 for 62.5cl

Adobe Organic Gewürztraminer, Rapel, Chile


Top organic producer Emiliana has produced a wine with a nose of jasmine tea notes with a touch of lychee. On the palate there are bright floral and mineral nuances with a lingeringly spicy and exotic finish. Great wine with a pleasing viscosity, the absolute essence of Gewürztraminer.  Wine menu RSP  £21 for 750ml