Wine Training

Training is a key ingredient of all successful businesses. Well trained and drilled staff all lead to better job knowledge, higher levels of performance, a more pleasant customer experience and ultimately more repeat business and increased spend per head.

Basic wine training is essential for all on trade businesses if you want make money from selling wine. If succesful your staff will have the confidence to talk with consumers about the higher value wines on your wine list and sales will follow. This leads to a higher turnover and better cash margins . If ignored wine sales tend to stick around the cheapest wines on your list, limiting turnover and average spend.

At Templar Wines we offer free wine training as part of the package of managing your wine list. Usually conducted in groups on your premises, we conduct a tasting whereby staff, who often do not drink wine,  undergo a wine tasting experience to identify the various differences between the wines on your wine list.

Often this is combined with a food and wine pairing  session, where your chef prepares tasters off your food menu so staff can appreciate which wines pair with different dishes, thus enhancing consumer spend and customer experience.

For higher, more specific training, class room style, we offer training in three key areas:

  1. How to upsell wine
  2. Wines and Spirits Educational Trust
  3. Commercial aspects of retailing wines

By engaging fully with wine training we sincerely hope we help your business achieve higher levels of synergy between wine and food,  a wine list that fully works with your business, better sales and an improved and gastronomic reputation