Gastro pub or Wine Bar

The main differences between Gastro Pubs  or wine bars  and Restaurants is the pace of the dining or drinking occasion. Visits to Wine bars and gastro pubs have a much larger percentage of “time limited” customers. A quick bite limited by a work lunch hour (or 45 minutes),  A meeting point to start the night, one drink before going home shorten the time available to sell to them. Often parts of the bar need to “morph” from vertical drinking areas to seated as business changes throughout the day

Your businesses don’t want to lose custom  as queues develop because there is too much choice as people clog up tables and bars perusing huge wine lists and food menu combinations and staff are caught up preparing time consuming drinks.

This means we put together a snappier wine list. Our experience suggests having a greater “by the glass” proposition with more limited choice by bottle helps busy people decide quickly and allows you to serve more people quickly and efficiently.

If your Gastro pub or wine bar has separate eating area where the pace is slower and more relaxed akin to the Restaurant sector, the wine list can be extended and be more expressive.

The point is that at Templar Wines we understand the market. We will make wine recommendations and pricing to capture not just wine trade, but with an eye to attracting high spending food custom, generating more income for your business.

With every wine costed with a Gross profit and cash margin appraisal to ensure you make your required profit levels.

A full wine menu management service is offered. We agree your wine list. Design and print the menus for you. We take the trouble to describe the wines to suit your business. The wine bar is no place for the flamboyant or longwinded description. It’s no description or short or witty. Time is money in this category! we’ll come up with something original and appealing to help sell the wines to your consumers.

Full wine training is available for your staff to ensure they are confident with the wine list and have the ability to recommend wines and upsell the list.

Here’s what our customers say:

Anchor Inn- Rich Magrath

I have dealt with Templar Wines since 2010. Great wine and good people go a long way to ensuring my wine list is up to date and relevant. Wine is now a part of my business that I can trust Templar Wines to look after completely.